Yakinthia Festival


Yakinthia” are the cultural events that take place every year during July, in Anogia, Rethymno. The events take place in an area that has been specially configured for this purpose in Psiloritis, just after Anogia, at an altitude of 1260 m. There, has been erected a temple dedicated to St. Hyacinth, a simple dry stone circular structure with a dome. Inside the temple is the icon of St. Hyacinth. Next to the temple, there is a stone theater where concerts take place under the shadow of trees.


It is an important institution of cultural creation in our country and a benchmark among the festivals in Crete. It promotes Mediterranean cultural exchanges and participate simultaneously in the network of the most famous Mediterranean festivals. “Yakinthia” “causing” the spirit and the body with a different theme each time and so every time attendees live a single psychosomatic experience in the natural environment.

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